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About Us

June 10, 2010

Long live impudence. It was my guardian angel in this world. – Albert Einstein

İstanbulAltı is a guide to the life of the city. It takes an unvarnished, polychromatic, and sardonic view on the news, events, and life of the city from all strata of society. We look at Turkey for Turkey’s sake, and we suggest you do, too.

Turkey is too important to be left to the professionals.

Asher Kohn is an American-born law student who is currently taking a leave of absence to work in Istanbul. He studied Turkish and Turkish history at Boğaziçi University in 2007, and is currently focusing his research on Natural Resource Law from an Islamic perspective. He has a strange love for all of Turania and an encyclopedic knowledge of flags. His writing can be found at, where he writes on on law, energy, and architecture.

Rebecca has been in the country three years and counting and is one of very few people to enjoy living in Ankara, where she spent a year and a half. Currently a copyeditor by day, researcher by night, she runs This is my Istanbul and is a freelance cat sitter to the stars despite a previous life as a professional dog handler. She enjoys getting lost, arguing about the state of Turkish foreign policy over mojitos, and clambering around forts and rocks.

Contributions are always welcome, if you’d like to add something contact us at contact[at] istanbulalti [dot] com

A Note on Citing, Usage, Proper Referrals:

This is the internet, and we realize our work is going to be copied, plagiarized, and used haphazardly. There’s really nothing to do about that. But we ask that if you do use our words, pictures, or work, please link to the original and mention that you got it from Istanbul Alti.

We also understand that Istanbul Alti is not the most grammatically pleasing form of our name. However, ‘Istanbul Alti’ is the preferred nomenclature for English-language references.You may feel free to refer to us as Istanbul Alti or İstanbul Altı, depending on your keyboard configuration. Istan6ul Alti/Altı is a fistful and really unnecessary. You will also see us refer to ourselves as i6 and İ6. We would hope that you would refrain from this until we have gone off like a rocket.

In speech, please refer to us as ‘Istanbul Alti’ as pronounced in whatever English/Turkish combination you prefer. İ6/i6 (said “eye-six” or “ee-altih” or whatever) are also more for our own intrablog communication, and are likely to confuse the people who have not yet had the good fortune to run into us.

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