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June 10, 2010

The Best Friend Experience

Tourists to Istanbul have two real choices. Go with a package tour or with a guide book. Both of these options are not satisfactory. We offer guides to the city – the whole city – from some of the most knowledgeable 20-somethings in Istanbul.

We offer completely personalized, completely individualized, tours where we offer our full, undivided attention. You tell us what you want to see, and we guide you to it. We can be as tweed-bound history professor or as denim-clad scenester as you request.

We understand the disbelief and insincerity that this may cause, so we’ll explain the process.

  • E-mail us at Rebecca.Doffing [at] istanbulalti [dot] com or AJKohn [at] istanbulalti [dot] com expressing interest in your tour and lettings us know your dates. Please give us at least two weeks notice (though, of course, it never hurts to e-mail if you’re going to be in town tomorrow).
  • We will e-mail you back within 24 asking for more details and offering suggestions.
  • We’ll use the dialogue to try and figure out what would be best for you, be it Armenian Churches or leather bars. This can be done over e-mail, skype, phone, or whatever you like.
  • At the end of it, we’ll establish a meeting point and time, and take you on your merry way.

The tours can be over multiple days, or only an afternoon. We can meet over drinks for a brief breakdown of Istanbul or spend a weekend with your family touring local mosques. You supply the intent, we supply the data. And, of course, we can change our itinerary at the drop of a dime. Just let us know.

Rates: 15TL/hour. Food and drinks are extra, as well as any lengthy transportation (we will try to find a contact near where you live, but trips to say, the Princes Islands, will cost extra).

We reserve the right to cancel at any time before a meeting time/place is confirmed. You have the same right, of course.

So again, please contact us if you’re interested at all. We look forward to meeting you in Istanbul!

Online Storefront

Turkey’s carpet business doesn’t need our help. And even though one could buy water pipes and lanterns in all the colors of the rainbow, our help is not needed for that.

This great city of ours, however, has a t-shirt problem. The Turkish Tea Shirt, the Raki is the Answer are all a bit, well, trite. And Turkey is more than just its digestifs. We find the qt grrrl amusing and are sympathetic to yell-grammar, but still. This city needs a better kind of t-shirt.

Our Zazzle store is your joint. The online shopping site’s items can be shipped anywhere in the world, for yourself, for gifts, or as pranks against your neighborhood Turkophobe.

And it won’t just be shirts. Watch this space as we bring in postcards, bags, mugs and various ephemera, all with the i6 cache. We won’t be quiet when we get it up and running, so we hope to see you at the online storefront then.

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