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Looky here, a post about Israel that's not political

September 1, 2010

Tabsir, the online journal of the renowned Yemenologist Daniel Varisco, is a great one-stop shop on all things Arabica. He’s especially fun to read when he either a) rails against American politics using literary criticism or b) corrects glaring errors about Yemen. It also doesn’t hurt my opinion of him that during his every waking hour, he does a mean Sam Elliot impersonation.

Why yes, I do have a recurring moustache fixation.

Anyways, he just mentioned an exhibit taking place at the Haifa City Museum entitled, “Ottoman Haifa: Aspects of the City, 1516-1918”

It’s only running until October 2, but if you can get there, check it out. I would suggest making your next visa run to the lovely city. It’s without a doubt my favorite place in Israel. The history is fascinating (but I won’t ruin the exhibit for you by explaining it) and the city, from the giddily-beautiful sandstone to the Bahai’i gardens, is magnificent. So if you find yourself within a day’s drive of the Tel Aviv airport…check it out.

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