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A star-crossed referendum

September 9, 2010

Iyi Bayramlar, everyone; hope it’s full of sugar and not working and everything good and holidayish. We here at IstanbulAlti are all psyched for the day after the holiday, when the country heads to the polls to vote on the constitutional reform package that will either doom the country or democratize it, depending on which talking heads you’re following.

I may not hold much (any) stock in astrology besides knowing my star sign, but our astrology-inclined readers may be aware that Mercury is currently in retrograde, and should be through the 12th, apparently, although its effects will linger through the 27th. Mercury being in retrograde is believed to cause interference, whether direct or indirect, in communications – many kinds of interference in communications, from journalism (oh boy) to travel glitches to … elections.

Yes, the referendum is happening on the last day that Mercury is in retrograde, and Mercury being in retrograde mucks up elections. As if things couldn’t get more interesting referendum-wise.

Side note, Mercury was in retrograde during the 2000 US Presidential elections. This bodes well.

And a bit of background, for everyone who, like me several hours ago, has heard the term “Mercury is in retrograde” but has no idea what that means: Planets are “in retrograde” when they appear to be moving backwards through the zodiac. It’s an optical illusion, as planets don’t move “backwards” really. Mercury usually is in retrograde three times a year, but this year we get an extra period of retrograde, lucky us – Mercury has the most erratic orbit of the planets in the solar system, which brings it into retrograde more often than the other planets. Astrologers and superstitious folks discuss Mercury and its retrograde status so often because Mercury is the Roman messenger god, so when Mercury “travels backward” it messes up all things message and delivery-related. It also matters which zodiac sign the retrograde occurs in: If, for example, Mercury is in retrograde in Virgo (like it is right now, coincidentally), it particularly affects things having to do with analysis and critical thinking.
That’s right folks, according to the stars this referendum is taking place precisely when the cosmos is playing havoc with all things having to do with communications, elections, analysis and critical thinking. Perfect time for a ballot.

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  1. September 9, 2010 10:16 am

    We have a betting pool going in my office on referendum results. My bet was 52-48 for yes, with Florida-style election inconsistencies. Glad to know the cosmos is backing my bet.

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