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Modern Art Lovers Attacked. Tom Wolfe May/May Not be on the Lam

September 22, 2010

Edited for a third time. Lots of poor deletion discipline, and a bit more accusatory than I’d like.

“You know what,” I think somebody must have said, “the entire East vs. West, modern vs. traditional, sort of trope has to be revived. How do we do that?”

You get a bunch of aesthetistes trampled by a mob, that’s how.

As reported in Hurriyenglish, a largish group of individuals on an art-walk in Tophane were attacked by a mob carrying “pepper spray, broken bottles, batons and knives” and a fair number were hospitalized for their injuries, including a few foreigners. Originally one assaulter was arrested, but it seems that a few more are in custody now. Strongly-worded messages of calm were given by Vali Hüseyin Avni Mutlu. Tophane Genclik spokesbro has a message of warning. There is confusion to how this started.

Basically, late-night anger happened. As is wont to happen in most other places in the world. Yeah, it seems that the mob was organized and came with weapons, which is pretty lame. I don’t want to mitigate that.

The quotes coming are kind of ridiculous. The Gallery owners act, well, exactly how you’d imagine gallery owners to act:

The galleries demanded a serious investigation by the authorities into the attack, which they noted does not befit a European capital of culture.

That said, well, Galeri NON looks pretty cool, and I have and have had a lot of love for Ekstramucadele. So if this is the only way for me to hear of their exhibits, please, lets have more violence.

The well-respected Ms. Hattam, who I have met and – if I can’t say that we’re particularly close – is someone I consider awfully sharp and pretty damn cool, was there. And if she was here, she would’ve edited the hell out of that previous sentence. But anyways, she was there. She seems pretty horrified by what happened, and, being not-there, I can’t blame her. That said, she seems to think its more about drinking than about general rowdiness in the neighborhood. I dunno. I’m inclined to believe her.

The art-going scene in Istanbul are, in the common parlance, White Turks. That Sublime Porte website does a great job explaining what that means, but to be simple about it, the White Turk, in a broad brush, is the prep school liberal who can’t understand the appeal of a Sarah Palin and doesn’t understand why “Two and a Half Men” is popular and discusses how stupid the unwashed masses of Nebraska are between sips of wine and sashimi in the Upper East Side. This White Turk is the first and best friend many an expat meets.

A man exists here that believes that Ataturk gave the White Turks a mandate to run the country, and is skeptical of democracy ever since Erdogan learned how to use it. He may believe that 58% percent of the country doesn’t actually exist. Much like how the previously-mentioned Palin knows foreign policy because she can see Russia from her house, this man knows Turkey because he met an art student at La Sorbonne and she spoke fantastic – if alluringly accented – English.

So this hypothetical guy may end up writing a hypothetical article about how this gallery attack was a turning point. A scuffle that was probably started by a refusal to step aside on a sidewalk will be made into a symbol of the growing Islamicization of Turkey. This city, which has at its beating heart the huge military complex in Harbiye, will be compared unfavorably to Deadwood.

Ignore it. If Istanbul goes full Almohad, its not going to be because of some snooty gallery goers who don’t think a headscarf-wearer is worth shifting over for. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this turned into a symbol for some, but I think that’s pointless and ridiculous. It’d be fun to make this into a symbol for the oppression of liberals…but its more likely to be similar to the frat boys getting jumped by the townies.

I want to explicitly avoid referring to Ms. Hattam and her posse when I say the following, because she has been here for longer than me and is, as I said, awfully sharp. She and her friends are really, absolutely, 100% not your standard expat and are in fact, really cool and engaged in Istanbul and generally more impressive than me.

But a tremendous percentage of the expat scene here in Istanbul is convinced that the city, that the country, exists to give them an experience to take back to blue-passport-istan. For them, this attack and other uncomfortable run-ins with Istanbullus who don’t really care about your Eat Love Pray lifestyle is like Mol in an Inception dream, an acute example of the destruction of their fantasy. A way to suddenly look behind the curtain and realize that all of those smiling faces in the Fodor’s don’t really care if you’re happy.

Countless of Turks die, in Istanbul or elsewhere, every day. I had a friend come a few weeks ago, and when he was walking down the Bosphorus, he came upon a bloated, decomposing body. But it wasn’t a foreigner, so who the Hell cares. If you’re living in Cihangir (or, of course, Arnavutkoy) your manavci is working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bus drivers are driven into the ground. That referendum your White Turk friends were all gnashy about may be iffy for many reasons, but giving more power to unions is a good thing (and to be fair, they’d probably agree). But to wave the Islamicism card when the worst thing you can show is a bloody nose is ridiculous to the point of being offensive. There are serious issues in this country, and foreigners’ quibbles ain’t them.

It’s just a neighborhood scuffle. So leave the Nicholas Sparks and the Tom Friedman out of it.

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  1. September 22, 2010 7:59 pm

    You’re funny. First time I’ve read you. I’m going to come back.

    • Asher permalink*
      September 23, 2010 12:13 am

      aw, shucks.

      I was just talking with friends today how I’ve never been to Prague. After reading a few articles over at your blog, I may have to change that.

  2. Asher permalink*
    September 23, 2010 12:12 am

    As I could have pretty much told you, much hand-wringing is coming out of the expat community here:

    The dreaded “I” word is coming out. Of course, this is a sign of impending bearded doom, and not a symptom of gentrification seen everywhere else in the world. Istanbul is becoming Islamabad, because Islamicism here is Islamicism everywhere (oh, I’m being sarcastic, of course:

    There’s a lot to unpack here, but shrieking that some rough-looking swarthy gentlemen beat up your friend does nothing. Kyrgyzstan it ain’t.

  3. September 24, 2010 3:44 pm

    Can we not ALWAYS leave Tom Friedman out of it?

  4. September 24, 2010 4:41 pm

    I think it’s pretty clear that the reason the incident is getting so much play in the press/online isn’t necessarily because those involved were foreign (although, foreign media being what it is, of course it’s part of it; that’s why the news reported on the American that died, and that’s why a friend’s car crash made the news here), it’s because we all know people involved. It personalizes the incident, knowing that J, K, C, and M were all there (and yeah, those are all Western names. But galleries themselves are pretty darn Western, and I think it’d be odd if a gallery opening in Beyoglu didn’t have a large expat representation, frankly). And as a person who occasionally frequents art gallery openings, it unnerves me that such an incident has happened at, you know, an art gallery opening.

    I also don’t think it’s accurate to put the incident within the frame of “increasing Islamization” or to scoff it off because people are doing so. I do think it reflects an unpleasant underbelly of Turkish society that we/outside-looking Turks/Tuk apologists often try not to think of/see — intolerance, particularly intolerance of, not non-Islamic (definitely not non-Islamist) but rather non-traditional or non-Turkish values. In this particular incident it’s paired with some healthy xenophobia (and let’s not be coy, the attackers most likely regard the Turks at the gallery opening as just as disparate “others” as the foreigners); however, xenophobia is clearly not the case in this other incident from the weekend, in Cankaya: .
    I also do think it’s significant that a fairly stereotypical “Western” or “foreign” thing was so clearly targeted, that it was seemingly planned in advance, that it was violent rather than a simple protest or demonstration, and that police took, according to reports, 40 minutes to arrive and didn’t see fit to arrest any more than a token combatant until well into the next day (and until more widespread uproar, thanks in part to that abovementioned media coverage). It’s pretty clearly a clash of worldviews, but of course not Islamist-secular, although I’d bet most of the assailants were devout and most of the assailees were not. I’d think, it’s more anti-change, or reactionary against things in one of the last bastions of traditional neighborhoods in Beyoglu that are changing that neighborhood. Some of that’ll depend on whether the guys with the metal bars were Tophaneli or not, for sure.
    I also think the incident is newsworthy, from a news perspective, because it’s a clear threat to the government/municipality’s stated attempt to brand/rebrand Istanbul and Turkey as a city/country that is comfortable with its multiple identities. This incident illustrates pretty starkly that it’s not, and we all know that but it’s a timely reminder.
    I think the bottom line though is that it was a terrible incident that shouldn’t have happened and no matter what one’s position on who did what or why the attack occurred, I think we can all agree that it highlighted a certain amount of intolerance that I would hope could be tempered at least in part with an emphasis on respect by everyone.

  5. March 13, 2011 5:14 am


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    3. Qur’an, 81:1.

    4. Qur’an, 82:1.

    5. Qur’an,101:1.

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    The sun runs its course.6

    that is, the sun revolves. Through calling to mind the well-ordered disposals of Divine power in the revolutions of winter and summer, and day and night with the phrase, The sun revolves, it makes understood the Maker’s tremendousness. Thus, whatever the reality of this revolving, it does not affect the order, which is woven and observed, and which is the purpose. It also says,

    And set the sun as a lamp.7

    Through depicting through the word lamp the world in the form of a palace, and that the things within it are decorations, necessities, and provisions prepared for man and living beings, and that the sun also is a subjugated candleholder, it makes known the mercy and bestowal of the Creator. Now look and see what this foolish and prattling philosophy says:

    “The sun is a vast burning liquid mass. It causes the planets which have been flung off from it to revolve around it. its mass is such and such. It is this, it is that.” It gives to spirit no perfection of knowledge apart from a terrible dread and fearful wonder. It does not speak of it as the Qur’an does. You may understand from this the value of the matters of philosophy, whose inside is hollow and outside, ostentatious. So do not be deceived by its glittering exterior and be disrespectful towards the most miraculous expositions of the Qur’an!

    O God! Make the Qur’an healing, for us, the writer of this and his

    peers, from all ills, and a companion to us and to them in our lives and

    after our deaths, and in this world, and in the grave, and at the Last

    Judgement an intercessor, and on the Bridge a light, and from the Fire

    a screen and shield, and in Paradise a friend, and in all good deeds a

    guide and leader, through Your grace and munificence and beneficence and mercy, O Most Munificent of the Munificent and Most Merciful of the Merciful! Amen.

    O God! Grant blessings and peace to the one to whom was revealed

    the All-Wise Qur’an, the Distinguisher between Truth and Falsehood,

    and to his Family and Companions, all of Them. Amen. Amen.

    [NOTE: The Six Drops of the Fourteenth Droplet in the Arabic Risale-i Nur, and especially the Six Points of the Fourth Drop, explain fifteen of the approximately forty sorts of miraculousness of the All-Wise Qur’an. Deeming those to be sufficient, we have limited the discussion here. If you wish, refer to them, and you will find a treasury of miracles…]

    * *

    Qur’an, 36:38. 7. Qur’an, 71:16.


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