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So What's Going on in the Southeast Anyways?

September 27, 2010

…and I’m not talking about violence this time.

The Guneyanadolu Projesi is plenty damned fascinating. And there’s plenty of academic work on it – and even some scattered articles back on my old, dusty, blog.

But if you haven’t realized it yet, I’m becoming a BLDGBlog repository. And here’s another thing from him.

Our whole mission statement here revolves around “Turkey for Turkey’s Sake.” So what happens when the dams are built, the water level is raised, and people must leave? This happens.

And dams don’t just put a period on architectural change, you know. And not all dams will be running at full capacity, or even all at once. The architecture of the dams, and how they interact with the mountains and valleys they run through, will become part of the landforms of southeastern Turkey.

What’s the future for Southeastern Turkey? I have no idea. I argued this with a very tall, very hirsute, and very Kurdish friend yesterday, and we didn’t come to a satisfactory answer.

And I don’t condone violence and I don’t condone terrorism. But if you are to tell me that the PKK would be able to use disused dams and the underwater caves they created? The way that the Soviet resistance used the Odessa catacombs in WW2? Yeah, that’s pretty awesome in a Mad Max sort of way, no?

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