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We Must be the Wrong Types of Americans

November 2, 2010

Just to follow up on the new meme spreading following the bombing on Sunday. The bombing one Emma Philpott called “the suicider” which I appreciate greatly as a noun.

With the exception of the aforementioned Ms. Philpott, everyone who has written here is an American citizen. And all of us know many other American citizens here, including people who work at the Embassy and one guy who, in the middle of a job interview, took his glasses off in a reverse-Caruso and asked, “have you ever thought about working in the CIA?”

His recruitment speech wasn’t all that…covert

So now that we here that American citizens were warned ahead of time about the bombing, let us just say, united and unequivocally:


I learned about it through Twitter, much like you may have. I had no clue about it ahead of time. Neither did anybody else I know. It’s a rumor, and one with no basis in the truth. So lets just, well, squelch that before it starts.

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