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One More Final-ish Word on Taksim Sunday

November 12, 2010

There’s always one more question when it comes to terrorist attacks, especially terrorist attacks that are bizarre suicide bombings. So even though I’ve already talked about the original attack and who was behind it, there is now the big question of…why.

Thankfully we have Gulenglish’s columnist to throw things against the wall. I don’t mean that as derogatory as it sounds, this blog is very much a throwing of ideas against walls. It’s how you get down to the great ideas. Dogu Ergil was thoughtful enough to posit three reasons for the attack, and while he doesn’t seem to have much more info than us, it’s always fun to think about.

His first thought is that “a sinister plot to use this man to sabotage the peace process on the last day of the cease-fire” exists. AKA, the Ergenekon theory. He seems pretty half-hearted about typing this, but this is Turkey, conspiracy theories exist, and they’ve been proven true in the past. Considering that TAK didn’t really seem to know this happened, it’s not a crazy idea. But it is a conspiracy theory, and the usual caveats (nobody’s smart enough to get away with a good conspiracy) apply, and I’m not going to take it seriously in print yet. Next.

The second theory is that the PKK is splintered and disintegrated and there’s no central hierarchy telling anyone to do what. This one is pretty true. Karayilan is a leader of men, sure, but it just doesn’t work like it did in the 1980’s. It gets to the point where picking out terrorists from politically actives is like getting freshwater from the ocean. Seemingly simple but devastatingly tricky and expensive. And there’s probably a simpler workaround. But the splintering of the PKK is an issue, but one that could be resolved to the betterment of the Turkish state if they’d allow Kurdish political parties. But that’s a whole other issue.

The third theory is that this was an Iran-backed thing.

Iran’s probably not messing with Turkey any time soon. I mean, sure, we’re still dealing with a radically Shi’a state, but it’s not like they just woke up one day this fall and realized Turkey is Sunni and secular. It’d be like Germany starting to get upset with France because of those darn tootin’ Catholics and how they used to treat  the Heugenots.

He says there are only three possibilities. To which I ask, “where’s your creativity?” No Mechagodzilla plan? No biological warfare? Nary a mention of Israel? You can be more creative than that, and I recommend any of our readers do so (anonymously if need be) in the comments.

I’m still of the opinion that sometimes, well, crazy, weird, ugly, things, happen. This was, unfortunately, one of them. We’re going to have to wait until a lot of classified sources are opened before we learn the full truth, so we’ll just have to have a drinking game until then.

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