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Bayram Week: Hide yo' kids

November 15, 2010

Kurban Bayrami mubarak olsun, eid mubarak, or however else you want to say it. This week is off for some prayin’ and some sacrificin’ as the country comes to celebrate Abraham’s decision not to slaughter his son.

I myself will be on vacation, so posting will likely be a little bit on the lighter side this week. That said, all of you in Istanbul or throughout Turkey should see what you can do to get invited to a house without being needy about it. It’s supposed to be a pretty neat little thing, and its always nice to remember that yes, something has to die in order for you to get fed.

And of course, there’s always a political angle. As you can see from these Cansuyu ads I photographed on the metro:

There’s a lot of fascinating stuff here. Isn’t Pakistan in Asia? Is that why they’re the same price? How on EARTH is sending anything to the Chechen camps cheaper than to the Balkans? And if Cansu knows where these Chechen camps are, then shouldn’t the Russian paramilitaries just follow the doomed sheep and then cut down the Caliphate of the Caucasus like lambs to slaughter?

And what’s the difference between Palestinian camps and Gaza? And how can Gaza be so expensive? Did Cansuyu just raise the price because Gaza is the new in thing, or is it because there isn’t gonna be a flotilla of sheep meat going into Gaza any time soon?

And why is Turkey so expensive? There’s no transport cost, right? Man, what’re your overheads?

I’m saying this kinda jokingly, but I’m genuinely curious. As someone with a not-so-secret desire to work with the Aga Khan Foundation one day, I have absolutely no idea how an Islamic charity works. The logistics behind all of this stuff must be fascinating.

So if you agree or not, have a happy Bayram. And don’t forget to give to the needy.

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