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Not Istanbul: Our Man in Egypt

January 30, 2011

It’s not technically about Istanbul, sure. But Egypt matters, too, y’know, and it does fit in with our general polychromatic mission statement we’re running with here.

Ben Rosenbaum is a Friend of the Blog and was scheduled to spend the Spring studing Arabic in Cairo at al-Arabiya. That, well, didn’t work out.

We heard stories that prisoners had escaped from the prisons and that youths had broken into abandoned police vehicles and stolen weapons.  Walking around in the daylight we could see first-hand that Mohandesin, the area in which we lived, was in shambles.  Amongst other locations, the Vodaphone store where I purchased my cell phone was ransacked.  There were even reports that the marauders had broken into my favorite Hardees.  It would soon circulate that Mohandesin suffered the most in all of Cairo and that the noises that I heard the night before were looters running rampant in the streets.

At this time, things were still incredibly hectic.  We still had no access to the internet or cell phones.  We had no cars and the taxis and buses weren’t running.  We were stressed out, afraid, and had little sleep. We pretty much had no clue of what to do.

It continues like that and is worth reading. Check out Perusing the Pyramids for more (including sweet pictures).

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