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About Asher Kohn

Asher J. Kohn is the co-founder and Foreign Affairs writer of İstanbul Altı. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland where he studied History and completed programs in both Terrorism Studies and Religious Studies. He is currently taking a leave of absence from law school at Washington University – St. Louis, where he is in a dual-degree program that will give him a J.D. as well as an LL.M. in European Law from Universiteit Utrecht, in the Netherlands.

He first came to Turkey in 2007 to study at Boğaziçi University, and is focusing his academic career on Natural Resource Law from an Islamic perspective. He has written for The Los Angeles Times,, and Istanbul Eats.  He has also done consulting work for AsiaWheeling, a gonzo journalism project. This is in addition to various internships and jobs with organizations as diverse as the National Gallery of Art, the International Crisis Group, and a boutique Turkish advertising agency.

Asher is from South Bend, Indiana and grew up outside of Chicago. Besides Turkey, he has traveled to Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan as well as bits and parts of Europe. Besides the gamut of Turania, religion, and energy, Asher is interested in maps and geography, graphic design, architecture, vexillology, and the dizzying anarchic glee of college football. He is fairly well-reachable through your standard social networking applications and what have you.

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  2. December 24, 2013 9:31 am

    see popular science
    Why is the LAW OF SAFETY been effectively repealed in most GLOBAL large cities?
    NEED MORE DRONES for the ‘war on drugs.’ Now there are designer drugs that
    according to law are NOT illegal and so there is need for LAW – ONE GLOBAL LAW
    for retroacive laws. And let us also repeal ‘time’ and use THE TIME MACHINE.

    Why did China Fall to the Barbarians – mongols? The general in charge of the
    GreaT Wall of China had his family under threat by the ‘new rulers and new maker
    of laws’? He was ‘loyal to the old emperor’ so he opens the gates.
    Why did Rome and the law fall?

    Did most flee the cities during the Black Plagues, etc. and weak sewer systems?

    Why is there so much COLON CANCER in the West and the USA?
    Some parts of the third or fourth world SQUAT or deep bend when defecating…
    But in the modern world, there is no interest in the CLASSIC TURKISH method
    or of deep knee bend or even basic study of physiology.

    Hmm.. interesting…despite the billions of words in the law, some ‘stuffed up similars’
    will take 5 or 10 or 25 minutes with the toilet.

    During the last World War, the laws were specific about ‘light stopping’ and blackout
    curtains in England due to fear of the German bombers…
    So, we have learned the basic lessons of LAW and LAWYERS… not really
    practical and attempting to solve major CHALLENGES by producing more millions of

    PPS. part of the book. After food assistance ‘food stamps’ Government assistance
    in the USA are cut (producing malnourished children who will require expensive
    medical care) – see the MAJOR LAW on health care act.
    most of FLORIDA real estate and zoning laws are stopping HOME VEGETABLE GARDENS.

    the photos are easily around the internet. some have stones painted GREEN and
    fake plastic grass which is sprayed with highly toxic pesticides. The natural food
    gardens can be UGLY LOOKING, but in any case are prohibited under law…
    for ‘the law prohibits the rich as well as the poor from sleeping under bridges.’


  1. Ce que serait Shura City, la ville anti-drones du futur

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