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Like reading and writing about Turkey, Turkic ephemera, and vaguely Ottoman topics?

Guess what? WE DO TOO.

This section is for all graduate students, regional experts, or even just nerds with computers. We are accepting submissions for our own little online academic journal here. Articles from 600-2,000 words (please, keep it light on the footnotes, HTML despises them) may be submitted, and we will organize, tag, and post them on our website.

Be it Kemalism’s affect on facial hair or kilim-weaving in the Sinop region, we understand the esoteric subjects that we’re forced to write about in academia. And some of this stuff is positively fascinating.

We understand the publishing frustrations of academia, so we offer an opportunity for you to reach your audience and impress them with your writing. The exposure we afford will allow you to meet more folks and get more job opportunities than you may have otherwise.

Please e-mail us at contact[at] istanbulalti [dot] com and attach your essay and its title. If you would like to go by a pseudonym, please just let us know.

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