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3.City Guide

So you live in Istanbul. That’s cool, we do too.

There’s a lot to write about Istanbul – just ask Agatha Christie, Mark Twain, or of course Pamuk. While this section won’t have the immediacy of our “Events” tab (or, really be anything like “Murder on the Orient Express” or “The Innocents Abroad”), it will profile people, places, and things to check out around the city. Of course, failure is usually a better story than success so we’ll also tell you where not to go, what’s supremely overrated, and what will indubitably end in tears and recriminations. We’re servicey like that.

Do you know Istanbul, innately? Can you walk from Tarlabasi to Besiktas blindfolded? Have you, through exhaustive personal research, determined the most persistent maganda in Sultanahmet? We’d love to feature your sardonically self-aware musings on the city.

Please e-mail us at contact[at] istanbulalti [dot] com if you’re interested in sharing your stories, opinions, and reviews about the city. If you would like to go by a pseudonym or be anonymous, please just let us know.

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